Inclusion, Adoption and innovation

Tech for Good

North East

Supporting action and collaboration between people, organisations and businesses using digital and technology for social impact across the North East and Tees Valley.

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Join meetups, roundtables, training events and much more being planned throughout 2023


Work together on challenges that encourage innovation and promote digital inclusion.

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Collective action to support the use of technology for social impact across the North East region.


Bring together insights and resources supporting others to take the next step in tech and digital.


Work with decision makers and funders to advocate for sustainable digital resilience.


Highlighting case studies of good practice to celebrate the work already happening and inspire new ideas.

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What is tech for good?

A holistic approach

"Tech for Good" is a challenging term and means different things to different people. In order to have sustainable and cross-cutting impact, we want to bring people together working across three main strands of support that deliver social and environmental impact using technology.

Digital Inclusion

Activities necessary to ensure equitable access to and use of information and communication technologies for participation in social and economic life.

Digital Adoption

Activities necessary to support VCSE organisations to adopt and take advantage of technologies contributing to a greater impact in the communities they serve.

Digital Innovation

Activities that promote experimentation and investment in innovative new technologies or using traditional technologies in new and innovative ways for social benefit.

Changing lives with technology

Working across civil society

Tech for Good North East aims to bring together people and organisations from across the VCSE, public and private sectors to increase digital adoption, inclusion and innovation for social impact.

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